About Rotterdam

The Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam was first held in 1970 and has grown to become one of the most authoritative poetry festivals in the world. The 44rd edition will take place during June 11 to June 15, 2013.

The makers of the festival, Adriaan van der Staay and Martin Mooij, created the festival dedicated to the art of poetry in Holland. The Foundation Poetry International organizes the festival annually. This foundation is a literary organization that aims to call attention for great national and international poetry and stimulates the international exchange between poets, poetry translators, poetry experts and poetry lovers.

"Rotterdam – PoetrySync Festival" Set to Launch in June

This year's Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, will take contemporary Chinese poetry as its primary theme, and will introduce a series of events under the heading of the "Rotterdam – PoetrySync Festival."...More>>

Poetry This Instant

Poetry Festival this year different from the past, it will be the theme of contemporary Chinese poetry, every day during the Poetry Festival will be launched in a particular way contemporary Chinese poetry programs.More>>


Jade Ladder

Translators&Special thanks

Chinese poetry translator:

Canaan Morse

English poetry translator:

Lizhen Liang

Dutch poetry translator:

Jinhua Wu

  • Pan Zhiyong
  • He Zhaolong
  • Xu Wenxin
  • Liu Lingzhe
  • Clint Pennings
  • Martho Ghariani
  • Meng Xiaoting